Parotid Surgery
The parotid glands are large salivary glands, one on each side, situated in the angle of the jaw around the earlobe. They secrete saliva into the mouth. A growth in the parotid gland usually manifests itself as a slow growing lump around the earlobe.

Your general practitioner will refer you to an endocrine surgeon.

Specific tests will be necessary to confirm the diagnosis.

Most growths in the parotid gland are benign pleomorphic adenomas. If left untreated for a long period it can transform into a cancerous growth.

The treatment involves removal of the part of the parotid gland containing the growth.

We perform parotidectomies under a general anaesthetic. The operation involves an incision along the front of the ear into the neck, depending on the position and size of the lump. The wound is closed with glue to avoid any marks on the skin from stitches. Most patients are able to eat normally after a few hours and are home within 24 hours.

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